What is the Crystal Springs Mayor’s Youth Council?

The Crystal Springs Mayor’s Youth Council strives to provide youth with opportunities for personal growth and the ability to contribute to the city through community service, mentoring, and leadership development that raises issues with community leaders in the City of Crystal Springs.  The purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Council to provide a voice for youth while organizing productive community projects, promoting youth engagement in government affairs, and acting as a resource for the City of Starkville and city organization upon request.

The purpose of CSMYC is to empower youth from various backgrounds to become active members in their community by providing an overview of the complexity and variety of opportunities to have an everlasting effect on the future of their city through local government public service.


What do Mayor’s Youth Councils do?

Raise youth related issues with community leaders, Event Management, Training for peers, Public Speaking, Recruiting Volunteers, Youth Forums, Leadership Training, Service Projects and MORE…



Who’s Eligible to Sign up?

Qualification Criteria:

  1. The program will only be open to incoming high school 9th-11th graders. To be eligible to apply, students must live in the City of Crystal Springs.

  2. Students themselves should complete the application. Applications will be evaluated and select students will be offered an interview. Admissions will be offered based on a final evaluation of interview and applications. Enrollment is limited and diversity is sought in class makeup.

  3. Students must commit to attending all meetings and events